Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New and Improved

Now that the holiday season is long gone...I cannot help but think ahead to Spring!
At the Pickle Tree, that means TOWELS!

Bridesmaids and hostess gifts for spring weddings, Valentines gifts, Easter basket gifts, Graduation, Mother's Day, teacher gifts...there are so many occasions in the spring that are perfect for giving a personalized towel!
Until just recently, I sent people from the Etsy shop to my face book page to view some fabric suggestions and towel colors. It was working, but with no time to update, that just was NOT representing my fabric hoarde, ahem, collection to it's fullest. It was also hard for some people to navigate that process, or maybe I should say lack thereof. SO, in my downtime, and with the help of my brilliant sister, I came up with this:

So now, each etsy towel listing has these numbered fabric displays that make it SOOO much easier for the buyer and for me!!! Of course with the way I change my collection, this will be a chore to keep up with, but it will be worth it for the time I am saving myself and my customers!!!

Some of my new FAVES are 4, 5, 6 and 7. I just did some towels with some of those, I will have to get some pictures out there soon!!!

So, what are your favorites in the new "collection"?

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