Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cowboy Candyland

This past weekend was very COOOOOOOLD...
so,we spent a lot of time in the house.

I did do a lot of sewing, since the Pickle Tree is back in full swing.
BUT- I made SURE to spend lots of time doing a few things like this...
Cowboy Candyland
Candyland with a Cowboy
(cutest cowboy I have ever seen)

We got him this game for Christmas and boy oh boy does he ever LOVE it!

He likes to be the green man...because green is his favorite color.
Geez, me and this little guy have a lot in common.
I ususally let him pick my man color because, I have not told him yet, but green is my favorite color too and I am lost on a decision of what color man to be if I cannot be green.

He is a competative little booger too. I was a few spaces ahead of him almost the whole game during one game and he kept telling me, "mommy, I am going win".
It was like a warning.
Like back off lady or I will shoot you in the kneecaps...or something like that.
I would have been a little nervous if I had not been having so much fun watching my little guy and his little competative spirit!
Oh boy do we have some fun years ahead of us!

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