Thursday, September 1, 2011

When I Grow Up

Here is Boy Blu with his "Uncle Brad". Some of our friends went camping last Satuday night. They anchored their boat at the campsite and we went out to meet them on Sunday.
When Blu realized that all his buddies were on shore...well, he just started swimming!
 He swam a LOOOONG way and Uncle Brad met him and walked him up to camp!
 He is getting so stinking big.
Yesterday morning in the car he said, "momma, I need to ask you something". For those of you that do not know my Blu, he speaks VERY plain for a 3 year old. I said, OK, what?
Out of nowhere, he just said to me, "where do you work"?
I told him the name of my company and that really did not help him. I finally said, "I build houses. I mean, I HELP build houses".
When the builder needs the brick, I pick the color,
when he needs the paint, I pick the color,
when he wants the cabinets, I pick the color.
I was trying to keep it simple, people!
So this morning, as he is waving at Dan pulling down the street, he said,
"mommy, where is daddy going?" I said, " he is going to work". Blu said, "Oh, where does daddy work"?
I said, daddy builds buildings. Blu asked, "like the warehouse"?
*that is where we store our boat*
I said, "yes".
he said, " I want to build my house. But you I will have to pack my toys"!
How cute!
Then he said..."momma, when I grow up, I want to come to work with you".
Melt. My. Heart.
It would be even more precious if we weren't in a housing crisis!
Lawd...I hope this economy changes before Blu grows up!

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