Monday, June 20, 2011

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

That's what little boys are made of...and big boys too!
We had a great Father's Day! It started off perfectly...with me sleeping in. Big D, Blu, and Grandpa were off at the warehouse fetching the boat. I leisurely got out of bed and got a special breakfast of smoked sausage and blueberry pancakes ready just in time for when the boys got back!
We got ready and then we all headed out on the lake. It was a HOT me and Blu and Big D spent a lot of time in the water...until I felt something tap my toe. I am a skiddish one when it comes to the lake. So, while Dan worked on a couple of things on board, I sat on the swim platform and helped  Blu crawl in and out of the water.
Not sure why, but I scanned the water at some point and what did I see?
A snake.
It was slithering on top of the water straight at us and it was bright orange. It is amazing what motherhood has done to me. I very calmly ( and loudly) yell to Big D that there was a snake in the water as I simultaneously yanked Jack up by his life jacket. Once all our toes were in the water, we sat and watched amazed as this bright orange thing slithered all the way to the other bank and crawled out draping itslef across the rocks to sun......


I have not been able to get that darn thing out of my head. Lucky for you, I have no pictures to attach.
I like to read, but I need a visual sometimes too, so until I can get the video of Blu singing "Chicken Fried" by "brown" as he calls Zac Brown while he marches up and down the length of the boat patting his knee, please enjoy this shot of my baby Blu at the zoo last week!

By the way...anyone have any clue what kind of snake that could have been?

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*Jarah*Leah* said...

:( We won't be getting in that water! That's so scary!!! Love the pic of Jack!