Friday, June 10, 2011

Loving the Lake

One might say I am a bit behind on a Memorial Day weekend post, and they would be right, so I am going to keep it sort of neutral and pretend it is just a weekend at the lake for the sake of making myself feel more on top of things!

Being on the lake is one of summer's sweet pleasures that we enjoy as a family. Of course, it goes without saying that three day weekends make it all the sweeter!

And when  KK and Grace come over from Alabama, to join in the family fun, why it is almost too much sweetness to bear! We had a ball ya'll!

Blu was adamant that he was not going to get in the water because it was too cold! How funny is that? We eased him in by letting him "float" with us. Poor kid was so tired- we went full speed all weekend and he is still a 2-3 hour napper!

Tubing with daddy and Grace!

These guys were a lot tougher than I expected! I figured they would be calling it quits much sooner than they did. Big D was not exactly taking it easy on them. Wonder how sore they were the next day?

This shot is a little blurry, but it was the best one that I got!

Grace and Jack did a LOT of this...she would swim around and he would watch and play on the tube. He has not ventured out much into the lake, yet. I have to say, it was still a little cold in the water that day!

My precious niece, Grace. I cannot believe how big she is getting! She is about to have her dance recital where she will be performing in 3 numbers. I cannot wait to see her! I hear she is a little star and I BELIEVE it!

Rayna and Randy are our boating buddies and dear friends.

This is the notorious "Uncle Bad Guy".

Well, we had a couple of hungry people so out came dinner! We did burgers the night before, so I was looking for something a bit lighter. I am a person who could eat Mexican food 3 times a day EVERY day!
Quesadillas are an easy go to meal for me that I LOVE!

Last summer we bought this Coleman 3 in one thing and we have LOVED it! Obviously we grill on it, but the griddle has been fantastic too! We have done pancakes for breakfast when we spent the night and it was a natural for the quesadillas. I did not grill my own chicken and went with the super easy deli type "grilled" chicken. I got the southwestern style, melted a little cheese in there, and served it up with sour cream and salsa. YUM!

My little gentleman....he makes a momma proud!

We are members at a lakeside park so while the boys put the boat away, me and KK and the kids played!
It blows my mind that my Blu is big enough for a big boy swing....shouldn't he still be in a baby swing?

Whoops- this one is a bit out of order, but see.....I was there!

Now, back to the park. These cousins ADORE each other!

Can anyone tell me where I saw these? Somewhere in blog land, but I cannot remember so I cannot credit?
These were a BIG hit! I made them for the Jimmy Buffett concert ( cheeseburgers in paradise) and they made an encore performance for the kids on Memorial Day weekend. SO cute and believe it or not...they were delicious too!

Ahhh vell.....this past as well as this coming up weekend will be boatless as we have other commitments, but I look forward to hitting the water again SOON!

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