Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Competitive Egg Hunting

Innocently waiting. At this point, we had no idea what we were up against. There we stood, at Adams Park on the baseball field labled "ages 3 and under". We were crowded around the dirt of the field all lined up in a row with the other children and their parents- we made it just in time before the announcer counted down and let the crowds go.

I should have seen it coming.

I knew I felt that surge of a pushing crowd moving in on us. I could sense the prickles of the hairs standing on the back of my neck as people were beginning to get just a tiny smidgen too far into MY SPACE.

The countdown began and we were off! First, about mid field, were the lovely hard coated easter eggs that I haved dubbed the Easter Candy equivalent the the Orange Halloween Peanut Marshmellow. (Yeah, you know the one. Hard coated lovely pastel candy shell with he slightly chewy, crumbly white substance on the inside. What IS that thing?)I digress...

Then as we moved further towards the outfield we began to come across some starburst and lifesaver gummies mixed in and then...way out by the fence...I spotted the eggs!


That is what we were there for! YAY!!!

Come on boys- let's go get some EGGS!

They are almost 4 and almost 3. I told them before the countdown what we were there to do, and I knew that we were there to have fun.

It never occurred to me to bring shoulder pads.

By the time we would spot an egg and head towards it- we would get cut off by an adult grabbing the egg and tossing it in their kid's basket.

Over and over...we would spot another and head over and then- poof! It was gone!

And just for the record...I am TOTALLY fine with parents helping their little ones.... I mean, we were at the 3 and under field. Some of those kids were LITTLE! But once the basket is actually heaping over to the point that the child can no longer see over it... SHARE THE EGGS PEOPLE! My kid might be bigger than your kid- but he is MUCH SMALLER THAN YOU!

So there you have it- Tucker did not get one single egg.

Jack got one because I guilted a grown up into handing him one that they had picked up with my YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF GLARE.
But what these guys did get was a mighty fun time, and no one can take that away from them! I could go on into the next 15 minutes of the outing. That is the part where Jack goes into full on meltdown because the line is too long for the bouncy slide. I mean, the laying on the ground and crying and the trying to hit me and the following behind me while holding onto my belt loop as I try to walk away sobbing to the point that other parents were looking at us as if I had just ripped his arm off..... but I want to keep it up beat around here. May all of the your competitive Easter Egg Hunts be a raging success with heaping baskets full of plastic eggs!!!! have a great day!

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