Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's a Pirate Princess Party!

One of Jack's good friends Tucker is turning 4 this month. ( by Jack's good friend I mean his mom and I have been friends since college and now our kids like to play together!) His birthday party theme is Princess and Pirates.

Oh My! Could a birthday party get any cuter?

Everyone is getting so excited about dressing up! Along with a shirt, I made Jack a custom eye patch and a pirate beard to wear. You see, me and Dan call Jack Blu....long I thought it was fitting for him to be Captain Blu Beard! ARRRGGGHHHHH! I will also being putting a bandana around his head to give him a pirate hat!

I expected all the girls to be dressed in their ready made princess costumes, and I am sure that some of them will and will be ADORABLE. However, some are getting creative and going the pirate route in a tutu:) SO funky and cute!

This one will have a hot pink tutu.

Little Sister will be decked out in a light pink tutu- precious!

And this stylish babe will be sporting some black and white striped leggings! The party is Saturday. I am almost as excited as Jack. I hope to get some cute pictures to share! In the meantime, I am bracing myself because: We have company coming into town this weekend ( YAY, but I will not get much moonlighitng done) It seems Easter Bunnies nationwide will be delivering these cute towels in their baskets this year ( YAY, but oh my goodness how do I squeeze it in???) Speaking of little bunny tail needs to get in gear. I need a delivery at my house, too. Oh, and I have a few pals who are patiently awaiting their easter pails. Guess I better get to painting!

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