Friday, January 21, 2011

SHOW US YOUR SINGLES! Kelly in North Alabama-Come on DOWN!

So I am catching up on some reading after knocking on deaths door with the flu all week (that's all you need to know about that) and came across SHOW US YOUR SINGLES at kelly's corner and decided that I HAD to throw my sista up there!

My sister, Kelly, is the most amazing lady you will ever meet!

She is hardworking, loyal, smart, gorgeous, sweet, and most of all TONS OF FUN!
She is the most dedicated single mom I know. You can see her with her precious 6 year old daughter in the two pictures above. She works full time, is a mom, goes regularly to the gym, attends church with her daughter on Sundays, and somehow manages to find the time to run a small handmade jewelry business on the side.
SERIOUSLY??? Yep...she's got skills!

This is a favorite shot of mine of her with my son Jack. He loves his "aunt KK"

We always have fun with KK. She is my best friend and trust me, she is quite a catch!
If you want to know more about my sister, please comment here on the blog!
oh...She lives in North Alabama so I must also include, she is an Auburn fan- WAR EAGLE!

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rayna said...

you just pimped out your sister!!
But agree with all the comments - Love ya KK!