Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over and the Toes are Covered

This kid MAKES. MY. DAY.
Every day. Some days he makes my day hard, but mostly, he just makes it!
He shows me every day how no matter how you might be sad to see him grow so fast, that the next age is even more fun and full filling, so just enjoy the ride.

If you have been around here at all, you know that he loves his accessories. Well, shoes are no exception. He loves to wear his boots. He can put them on himself. He has never been one to wear flip flops, though. In the summer he has been a croc kind of guy. This is mainly due to the fact that his foot has always been so chubby that he could never fit into the flip flops.
Lately, (I have NO CLUE WHY) he has been asking about them, talking about them, wanting them ( and goggles). So, I saw some cute little flip flops on the cheap at Old Navy yesterday and I bought them.
Took them home.
Showed them to Jack.
The showing them to Jack part was a mistake.
Not because he did not like them...oh NOOOOOO. On the contrary. He loved them. He cried uncontrollably through his entire bath because he could not wait to get them back on his little tootsies. I finally pried them off his feet for bedtime (yes he had them on OVER his footie pajamas). When he woke up this morning, he immediately got out of bed and peeled off his pajamas. He walked around in his diaper and his flip flops while I finished getting ready.
The conversation went something like this:
"I wear my flip flops, mommy you want some too?"(the inflection at the end of all of his sentences lately is priceless. The little voice always goes up an octave in a questioning tone)" I want some MM's ( no and- just MM). And a poptart, with sprinkles. My curtains are like daddy's curtains. They are not a toy. I cannot touch them. They are dangerous. Mommy, (as he puts my slippers on my feet) you want some too?I want some MM's."
I interrupted him to start the battle. Jack, we can take your flip flips to school, but you cannot wear them. It is too cold. Your toes will be frozen.
He proceeded to walk around talking about his frozen toes. He had accepted it. He was going to take the frozen toes in the name of all that is flip flops.

We got as far as the door before I finally told him he could not have any more MandM's if he did not get his socks and tennis shoes on, so he played along. I mean, we had to take the flip flops to school of course, but at least we had the toes covered for the trip!

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