Monday, November 8, 2010

I heart memaw

My memaw is my maternal grandmother. My mom was very young when I was born, so she did a lot for me. We are very close. She is a spritely little 83 year old woman who still grows her own tomatoes. She never drove a car. She walked to work every day of her life and she and my pa always went to the grocery store on Saturday with Mable and Joe. Mable is Pa's sister and before memaw and pa ever even got married she was my memaw's best friend(still is....PRECIOUS, I know).
Mom and memaw actually share a townhome and live together now. Since mom and memaw moved in together, mom does all of the carting to the grocery store for memaw. You see, Joe and Mable live on the other side of town, and where I come from, that is enough to mean that they would not be toting memaw to the grocery store on Saturdays anymore.
Well, since mom has been so sick, memaw has been depending on myself and Kelly and Josh for grocery gettin. So far, I have taken her on 3 trips. The first two were rushed and we even had a bit of a disagreement :
Memaw: (while holding a bottle of soft soap) I want this one...I am almost out
Me: Well, why don't you just buy this refill bottle, it costs a little more, but it will last SO much longer.
Memaw: no...I don't want that one, I want this one
Me: Well fine, but do not complain to me anymore about how much you spend at the grocery store. I am trying to help and you will not listen to me.
*I should mention that this is about the 5th item that she has put in her cart that is the smallest thing she can find hence the MOST expensive per unit and my patience had worn thin of all of the unneccessary spending*
Memaw: I DO NOT complain to you about how much I spend at the grocery store
Me: yes you do
Memaw: (giggling) I do,don't I?
After a few more rounds of my "spending smarter" lessons, she was sick of hearing me and I was sick of talking. Let's just say, that trip will not go down in the record books as one of the most successful grandmother/granddaughter bonding experiences.
All of that was for this...
So this past weekend, I arrive in Alabama ALL ready for a big day at the Dub-ya ( That is Wal-Mart). I am feeling so guilty for the last two trips that I have DRAGGED memaw through the store and picked on her for picking all of the expensive stuff, that I have decided she is going to get the royal Dub-ya treatment! We will take our time...she can browse through all the sweatsuits and fiber pills and Kentucky Wonder green beans in a can that her little heart desires and I will just stand faithfully to the side checking off the list and making sure that we do not forget anything.
The list.
I read it and I just laughed.
My memaw...she is a clever one.
In all it's memaw style scrawl (not a lot of schoolin' for that one- she had cotton to pick)
The list was very plain....
not mayonnaise, but Blue Plate Mayonnaise
not frozen vegetables, but Bird's Eye frozen vegetables
I mean, who I am to question the list? It was one thing to try to put all the crazy ideas of savings into her head when it was just mayonnaise, but who I am to question the list...I mean, it clearly said BLUE PLATE. And who is going to suggest Great Value brand frozen vegetables when the list CLEARLY states BIRD'S EYE.
I love that lady!
In other news, mom is doing great! I had a wonderful time visiting with her this weekend. I am looking forward to spending more time with her at Thanksgiving!
Dan and Jack had a ball at the Auburn Homecoming game. Pictures to come!

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Rayna said...

Could you IMAGINE MeeMaw even considering "non melting Aldi butter""!!! NEVAH!!