Thursday, November 4, 2010

Auburn Homecoming- a message to Jack from his twin cousins

Hey cuz...Sophie and Aleah here....
Do you know who this guy is? It's Cam Newton. He is on our team and he is REALLY good.
We went to Tiger Walk for the LSU game and got to see him. It was SOOOO cool! Wish you coulda been there!
Hey...momma said you were coming to the Homecoming game. Are you going to come by and see us?

We were hoping that you could bring us some new fun things...maybe a bumbo? an exersaucer?
These car seats are such a snoooooze....

Momma has to work on Saturday, but daddy will be around. You should stop by and see him!

He is so silly!

Oh...and have fun at the game!

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Anonymous said...

Precious!!!! Wish i would be home!~Jarah