Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Maddox!

What an awesome weekend! I caught myself about a hundred times just sitting and looking at Jack and loving that we really had no plans for the weekend! Of course we were busy, busy...but something as simple as letting him stand and wash his hands at his own pace and not having to push him to leave for Kim's, or to hurry and get in the tub, or to hurry and eat dinner, etc...was SHEER BLISS!

I spent the weekend catching up on many projects that I had going. The main project- Maddox.
Little baby Maddox James Frye was born into the world today and I had many little odds and ends that I wanted to wrap up before he graced us with his presence!

You can see, I had a very able assistant helping me to the finish line...
Jack is SO good with a pair of scissors.

That little guy is IN LOVE with the polka-dot owl. We were watching the Auburn vs. Georgia game while I was sewing the wings and I kept trying to get him to say "beat Georgia" and so he finally started calling the owl Georgia. Even Sunday when he saw him again he said- "hey Georgia". Then he hugged and kissed him. I have already deposited Georgia at the hospital with Maddox for fear that Jack would never let him go!

I made Georgia a little sleepy eyed chubby buddy mainly because I have become a little obsessed with the owl!
I am already plotting the colors and patterns to make one for Jack. I think it is only fair since I gave Georgia away.

All of the inspiration came from this fabric that Leigh Anne, Rayna and I spotted MONTHS ago while shopping for Tucker's curtain fabric. All of baby Maddox's bedding is being handed down from Tucker (including the curtains- seen as the backdrop in the pictures), so Tucker's room got a big boy makeover!
I decided as a gift I would make the canvas for Maddox with his name on it for his room.
The walls are painted brown with a LOT of white trim-it is such as great nursery!

*Thought I would include a behind the scenes shot so that you can see just how close my little helpers head was outside of all of these pictres! He was glued to me all weekend and I loved it!

SO...the Maddox Collection is born...

I hear that my favorite fabric store has it in pink...

I might have to go check it out!
Happy Birthday Maddox!

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