Monday, November 1, 2010

Giddy Up! It is Halloween!

We had a full, fun, Halloween weekend this year! I am so glad that we packed it in, because with mom being sick this year, I have NOT been in the spirit.

We kicked off the weekend with tons of fun at Boo at the Zoo!

We met some friends there and the kids had a ball!

Rials, Tucker, Jack and Elliott. Fun. Fun. Fun!

Jack is officially not fond of snakes. I made sure not to put out any "mommy's scared" vibes just so we could get his true reaction. He would not touch it and turned his head back to Daddy to try to get away. Hopefully this means I will never be asked if he can have a pet snake!

Saturday night we watched the game at our house with some friends- War Eagle!

Sunday started out as a bit of a lazy day, but we all three desperately needed it, so I am not feeling too bad about it.

Things really started revving up when we started carving the pumpkins. I let Jack help gut them and we picked out some seeds for roasting. He really liked them! Dan and I were surprised at how many he ate!

The big pumpkin started out as a "surprised" pumpkin with little hands up to his cheeks. (I wanted to trace Jack's hands, but he was not going for it). Once Dan saw the finished product, he morphed the idea into the big pumpkin gobbling up the little pumpkin. I think it turned out cute and funny with a little twist of spooky.

All the neighborhood kids liked it and that is all that really matters to us! Jack really liked them and at the end of the night he wanted to "turn them off".

Speaking of Jack, our little buck-a-roo had a BALL, YA'LL! He could not BELIEVE that people were putting suckers into his pail.

SUCKERS EVERYBODY! Forget the Snickers, the Reece's, the Twix...

Nevermind the Lifesaver Gummies, the Laffy Taffy's, the Bubble Gum..

Oh NO! This boy just needs a Dum Dum and he is all set!

All that galloping around from house to house, really works up a powerful thirst! He enjoyed sitting and handing out candy almost as much as trick or treating!

One more sucker before bed....

and then....


Hope ya'll had a good one, too!

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