Monday, November 1, 2010

Cheer Banquet- Ornaments

I have been having such fun making Christmas ornaments this year!

I was a little panic stricken when a friend called to ask if I could get 15 ornaments done by November 19th for a cheerleading banquet...but the panic only lasted for a minute.

I jumped right in and got them done and I didn't realize until they were finished how very much I liked them.

I was feeling kind of nostalgic as I was making them. Ahhhh to be young again! ( fit in a cheerleading skirt and bloomers again)

Maybe I am just partial because the ornaments just happen to be in my beloved Auburn team colors ~ orange and blue!

But once they were finished...I did not want to let them go...I wanted to keep all 15 of 'em...
It is a hazard of the trade!

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