Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Marsh Family Christmas

OK, OK..I know that it is February and I am just now getting to this post, but I am actually sitting on hold with Comcast right now as we are still suffering technical difficulties from our friend the computer. I have missed blogging, but really, I was feeling a little relief for having the excuse NOT to do it for a while. Now that I am having so much trouble getting up and running again, I am starting to question the benefit of having a computer with online access. I mean, I think I could go back to the dark ages...AKA 1982...atlas's, dictionaries, encyclopedias, telephone books, real film and photographs.

Well, maybe not..but I am ready to find a provider other than COMCAST. I am over them. They are on speed dial at our house. Between phone and cable, I call them at least twice a week. A little ridiculous in my book. Plus it is not as if I have a lot of free time to sit on hold...I digress...

Let's get on to Merrier things- things that are Merry like Christmas! We had a very Merry Christmas as I am sure you saw in Part One- Christmas at KK's.

We also had lots of Merry Making at the Marsh's! Great Grandma and Grandma and Grandpa got Digital Frames so they can have the latest and greatest pictures of their grandkids on hand at ALL times!

There's a good smile Sidney! It was great spending time with John, Sally and the kids. We don't get to see them enough. Sidney is driving. DRIVING! I cannot believe it!

Emily got all kinds of cool clothes. She is turning into quite the beautiful young lady!

I have threatened her that I am going to give her Jack's baby book and let he wrap it up for me. I kept up with it so well while I was on maternity leave. I pretty much lost track after that. It is no joke being a working mom. I have time to feed jack and bathe him. That all takes place in the hour after we get home. He is in bed by 7 and lately, more than ever, I am right behind him. I am just lucky that Dan helps out so much or I would not even have clean clothes to wear to work, much less a record of what Jack learned to do when! Luckily I have this blog to look back on. I think I mention a thing or two here!
He is really starting to communicate now. I think he says more than we realize. Momma, Daddy, car, dog, go go go, cup, hot, nanny...I feel for sure there is more, but I just don't get it all. He hugs a lot more. He is so happy when I get to Kim's to pick him up in the afternoon's. Kim says he walks around all day saying something that resembles " momma coming".
I had a REAL day off today. Not a day that I went to paint a mural instead of going to Traton. Not a day that I was out of town, A REAL DAY OFF. The kind that I find I am still in my jammies at 8:50pm from this morning and I could not be more delighted! I feel rejuvenated! Mostly because I spent the whole day doing a whole lot of nothing but playing in the floor with Jack. He is SO SWEET!

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