Sunday, December 6, 2009

Turkey, Surprise, and Sailing

THURSDAY ( Thanksgiving Day 2009):

This was our first turkey of the day...It was Goooo-oood. Nice and juicy. That is my mom carving her masterpiece and trying to convince my precious finicky niece that turkey is just like chicken..only bigger.
It didn't work. Oh well. Too bad for you little Grace, that just leaves more for us!

This is my memaw with me in her first ever bedroom in a new home since she sold her home on 4th avenue of 40 plus years. She loves purple. She repainted her previously green with gold accents bedroom suit white all by her self just to suit her purple decor. She is quite the whipper snapper!

Here is a picture of me with my mom and sister. We did not intend on the color coordination, but it worked out nicely.

Here is the token picture of the siblings, but this year our little Grace snuck in and I am so glad she did! Such a cutie!

Here is a new picture grouping that I hope to see much more of in the future. Me and my sista cheesing with our brothers girlfriend, Jarah. She and my brother are expecting their first baby in May and we couldn't be happier! We really like her a lot and look forward to spending many more holidays with her. Hopefully she feels better soon! I am sure it was no fun at all to have morning sickness over the Thanksgiving holiday:(

The proud parents to be! They find out if it is a boy or a girl on December 28th.

Dan is such a good daddy. He entertained the little man in the tree out front while we satisfied our photo cravings. The tree is AWESOME for climbing. It has really low big branches. I am sure Jack will have lots of fun on it over the years!

Turkey number two. YUMMY! This was the first bird that my mother-in-law cooked in her new covection oven. I heard their was a learning curve when you go from a conventional oven to convection. She already has that mastered! The turkey was great- very moist.

Jack got to join us at the table for the first time in the high chair that my mother-in-law used as a little girl. It is a Marsh tradition. Along with the fancy divided plate. He was getting super tired after all the days activities plus he really has not been sleeping that great. Of course he was a trooper, though. Eating is just about his favorite thing!

Jack with his Aunt Sally. See. See the eye rubbing- tired little man.

Jack trying out the rocking horse with the help of his Uncle John and Cousin, Emily.
We had a great day. A very long day, but great, still!


This is a picture of my niece, Grace as she is seeing her room for the first time. We gave her a little makeover.

Notice her new Hannah Montana pillowcase. That was as "theme-y" as I was willing to go. The bed has since changed to a toddler bed. With all the sewing, and hot gluing I had to do, I had to let Papa come in at a later date to put the bed together. As with every trip home, there is just so much to do and SO LITTLE TIME!

The piece above the bed is just foam core covered in the same fabric that I used on the curtains shaped and nailed to the wall. It covers an intricate system of pulleys and hooks that hold the black curtains and chandelier above the bed that I found at Good Will for $7.00. Score! The black curtains were another score. Good Will for I think about $5.00. All the deals are starting to run together!

The curtains are made from same fabric I picked up combined with a hot pink twin sheet set that I found at Good Will for $5.00. We spray painted an old oak end table chrome and...
WA-LAH! A vanity table set for a princess! Kelly and Grace later bedazzled the mirror with sparkly rinestones. I painted the closet door with a chalkboard paint. I have no pictures of it yet. But I think all together it tunerd out cute as a button and we achieved out goal of making her decor a little more grown up!


It was such a beautiful day on Satuday. It was a little cool, but definitely still warm enough to take the little man for a little sail!

This is him checking things out with Grandma.

He was not really crazy about the life vest we started him out in. Uncle John came to the rescue with an adorable early Christmas present! Good job guys- he LOVES this one and it is too cute!
Jack eventually got tired. I went down below to get him to sleep. I knew that someone would have to stay with him, so I just laid down with him. He slept on my chest for about an hour. With the movement of the boat, I was right behind him! MY GOODNESS. That has to rank up there as one of the best naps I have ever had!

Uncle John and cousin Emily on their boat. It was nice to get to visit with them for a while. They had an adorable little toy boat that we tied up and pulled behind that Jack had fun with. We all went out for dinner later and it was REALLY good. It was a little Cajun place in Guntersville- yum!
It was the perfect end to a hectic, full, long weekend. Sunday morning we hit the road right after breakfast.
Next on the travel forecast- Christmas in Alabama. I hope Santa got our note to bring our stuff there this year!

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