Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merry Birthday!

Dan and I would like to extend our gratitude to our neighbors Nick and Ashley for once again keeping our adorable, happy, easy going son while we stepped out for a little grown up time!
* This is NOTa picture of him crying when we left- he never even shed one little tear! He loves Nick and Ashley. I just wanted to demonstrate how very grateful we were to get out of the house!

As much as we miss him when we are away, it is always fun to hang out with these guys! We had a little holiday get together last year at Vanessa and Jim's house and they were kind enough to invite us all again!

They even treated us to something that this group doesn't see much of anymore!
How could anyone resist a platter of delicious meat such as this?
YUM! Cooked to perfection.

Good food, good drinks, good LAUGHS! I had to get up from the table at one point my back was hurting so bad from laughing! I had to stretch my body out to recover from that one. What was the joke? Who knows? We all laugh the whole time that we are together at pretty much everything!

I brought everyone a little favor. Wish I could give 'em all the world, but they settled for hand painted ornaments!

Someone at the party received more than just a little Christmas see, the party fell on the exact date of our dear friend Rayna's birthday!
Do you think she likes her new "flippers" ( flip-flop slippers)? She pulled off her knee high boots and socks on a night that was a balmy 25 degrees and wore the slippers for the rest of the evening. I would say that she thinks they are OK.

Muah- hahahaha!
My evil plot to get her to cook for me. I treated her to a new crock pot. I owed her double because I was still in panic from the "man-cession '08" last year and all she got was a melon baller ( she loved me anyway- that's a sign of a true friend:)
Eileen played along and outfitted her with a jazzy spoon rest and spoon, too, so NO EXCUSES RAYNA! When is dinner?

Notice the balloons- courtesy of our gracious hostess who also treated Rayna to the best smelling soap EVER!
Such a festive Merry Birthday!

Her husband Randy tipped me off to a cake with fruit on top.... I ran with it and went all tropical.

We made her blow her candles out twice...does that mean she got two seperate wishes?

What an awesome night! Vanessa and Jim did a great job hosting AGAIN.
I wish I could see you guys more often!

* For documentation sake, Eileen and I were actually pictures of us. Not sure why!

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