Friday, September 28, 2012

SGI- We Love You So!

We had an amazing beach get away a couple of weeks ago.
I closed the shop for a week, but I am still terribly behind. I am so grateful that I am so busy, but my goodness...I am so busy!

So anyway, it is totally worth it to have had this time with my family.
These little boys have stolen my heart and I do not think I will ever be the same.
I had so much fun building castles in the sand with Blu.....

And Blu....well Blu had his fun knocking them down!

We were up past our bedtimes, up waaay too early each morning and did not get naps.
So we had a few frowny faces and pouts.

This was an especially tricky evening!
He did get his second wind later!

Shepherd was a perfect little doll baby as usual. He is such a laid back baby!

I guess he doesn't have much choice with the way that we drag him around!
He spent most of his beach time in his carrier...with a fan to keep him cool of course. We tried laying him on the towel, but that blasted sand is everywhere and he kept getting it in his sweet eyes and mouth.
This was Blu's pose at the end of every day. OUT COLD!
Do you get carried away with sunrise and sunset pictures at the beach? I am always in such awe of the beauty that I take the same sunrise picture over and over!

This baby is so adorable. I dressed him for the pool two days in a row, but the poor little fella was just so tuckered out, he slept right through pool time!
No hurry...there will be plenty of time for swimming next year!

Sunrise off our pretty!

I love this kid!

We had so much fun searching for treasures on the beach on our last day.
We found the most GIANT shell and I thought we were both going to lose our minds we were so excited!

Goodbye Saint George Island. We will miss you until next year ( hopefully!)


Josh said...

That pic with shep's bathing suit is pretty cute! Glad ya'll had fun!

Junk Girl said...

1Looks like a very relaxing trip! You have a beautiful family!!