Monday, August 6, 2012

Changes for the Better

 Going from a family of three to a family of four has been lots of fun and lots of work!

We have a Memorial Day baby and a Fourth of July baby!
Well, neither on the exact date, but super close. That is going to make for busy summers EVERY year with birthday parties to plan and execute!
Invitations, thank you notes, invitations, thank you notes....ahh, the postal service is going to love us at this time of year!

I promise that I am not pinching him here!
ANYWAY, the point of the post is to say, that I have officially turned in my notice at my daytime gig and am a stay at home mom, now.
Well, a work at home mom anyway!
I think the look in my eyes says it all....I am not so sure about this. I have been working outside of the home since I was 15 years old. This is going to take some getting used to.
Just the fact that I have not been setting an alarm for the mornings is SUPER weird to me.

I will be tackling the Pickle Tree full time.
So far, I found that I have less time to work at it than when I was working.
Go figure.
This staying at home bit is tough.
But so far, I am LOVING every minute of it and I am certain that once Blu is in school, I will find a routine.
Right now, we are just in an anything goes because it is summer state of mind!

So, sorry for the absence, but I have been adjusting to so many new things. It is hard to fit in fun frivolous stuff like blogging!

This is going to be a true adventure for me. I am looking forward to it and am anxious about it at the same time!
Say a little prayer for me.
And stay tuned to The Pickle Tree. I am trying to keep it low right now, but once school starts I should be turning up the volume!

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