Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rock the Vote

Lately, all I can seem to muster in the way of photography are phone pictures.
Oh well, they are pictures, right?

A list:

1) Does it make me sound old that I say I rocked the vote on Super Tuesday?
2) I got a little teary when I think about how excited I was to go vote in my first presidential election at 18 with mom. I miss her.
3) Big D's bday is coming up. I asked Jack what we should get him for his birthday and he said "paint". "We can go to the paint store and get him some...he is running out".
I guess there has been a little too much painting going on at our house lately?
4) Does it make me a bad person because even though I wanted a neutral in the nursery, I am making Bid D paint over the Softer Tan in Balanced Beige?
It really is going to make a HUGE difference ( to me anyway).
The Softer Tan has WAAAY too much yellow.

Jack is getting so big!!!

My belly is getting SOOOO big!

That's all folks!

SW6141 Softer Tan

SW6141 Softer Tan
SW6141 Softer Tan

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