Thursday, January 26, 2012

I keep forgetting to say that we found what we are having!!!!!!!!

It's a BOY!

Blu is getting a baby brother!
We are so excited!

Jack had it in his head that it was a girl, and he still gets hung up on that a little bit.
When I say something to him about his little brother, he says..."why do you say brother? It is a girl?"

He is starting to come around, though. He told Big D the other day that the Dr. TOLD us it was a boy. That is what we say when he insists it is a girl. "No Jack, the doctor said that it is a boy".
So I think he starting to get it!
I have already made Jack a Big Brother shirt. I am excited now to make a matching one for the new little munchkin.
Now....the name game begins!

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