Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Random Goodness Round Here Lately

 Football is definitely still in full swing around The Pickle Tree....
 Of course, the holidays are getting cranked up too!!!
 I have had so many cute things fly out of the shop lately, that I can't even keep track of it!
 In the midst of it all...I have commited to participate in a Harvest Market at my sons preschool.
Now I am starting to think I should "be commited" for commiting to it! HA!
 I am really so excited, but also a little overwhelmed with trying to keep up with my orders while at the same time stocking up on inventory.
 Thank goodness for Jarah, my sister-in-law and sewing partner in crime. She came and stayed for a few days with my sweet twin nieces and we got a lot done. She is still cranking stuff out and I am so grateful!!!
We lost our minds a little bit trying to get things done with three little ones around. Poor Jarah. Have you ever had the experience of your child not wanting to sleep when you are not at home? Yeah...that's what happened. So between my full time job and Jarah's lack of sleep- I am AMAZED at all that we accomplished!
It was great having them around for a few days!
Then, this past weekend, we went to Auburn to the Florida game. HAD A BALL! It had been WAY too long since I had been to a game, ya"ll. We had an awesome tailgate spot. Jack had a blast playing football with the big boys. When we went to the stadium, he was insisting that he go down on the field to play...hmmmmm....
We actually made it to halftime before he practically sacked out!!
I will have more pictures and a special post soon about last weekend- Saturday was Auburn and Sunday was Burt's Pumpkin Farm. We had an awesome family weekend.
I SOOOO needed it.
Some of Jarah's masterpieces....
Should I add a Santa, a Rudolf, or a Christmas Tree applique?
I am loving this little number. Sweet little whirly bird or and owl applique?
I am loving all this Christmas stuff!!! I am sad to admit that I FINALLY understand why retailers get such a headstart on Christmas. I am already feeling like I cannot get enough done and it is not even Halloween yet!!!
Lately...I have been missing mom a lot.
The emotions and feelings are all over the board. I am crying a lot. I am laughing a lot too. I still definitely have that tightness in my chest. The actual pain that comes with all of this grief. There is a large dose of dibelief going on my head right now. I am not certain that I have accepted her death completely.
I picture her in heaven just like this. Smiling a sly pretty smile...basking in the sunlight...surrounded by love and family. The day this picture was taken was an AWESOME day. We did nothing but go throw out some blankets on the grass at Riverside Park and just "be" together. All of us kids and mom and memaw and even nana and my Aunt Susan.
I am bracing myself as the holidays approach. It is going to be a rough season. Starting with my birthday next week. You never understand how much a child's birthday means to a parent until you have a child for yourself. It is a day of recollection and celebration for the parents as well as the child. I will miss not having mom there to recount the hours of labor and my birth and how my dad almost passed out when he saw my head and it looked like a "witches" hat. ( It was pointy form the birth canal). I miss you mom! Watch over us and help us honor your traditions through the holidays!

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*Jarah*Leah* said...

Aww! That made me cry. I miss your mama too! I think about her all the time. I have a hard time accepting that she is gone. I know how bad it hurts. To me at first it always seemed worse as time goes by. Holidays are def hard but we will get through. If you ever need to talk or cry I am always here. I love you!