Monday, September 12, 2011 big

We kicked off our weekend with a fever on Friday night.

 Jack slept with us. It did not go that great. He likes to sleep on my pillow with me, which meant that my head was actually hanging off the bed and it felt like my body was headed over the edge too for most of the night. be honest, I would not trade it. I love the snuggles and they are getting fewer and farther between these days. He is SOOOOO big.
 Saturday, we took it easy around the house. Jack played mostly in his room while I sewed.
 I will never get over how big he is getting. I say never because I am quite certain that I will still be saying this when he is in college!
 Oh well...that is why I try to take these moments like feverish sleepless nights and relish them while I can.

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