Thursday, August 25, 2011


Once upon a time....there was a beautiful girl. She met a guy at work named Big D.

Then she fell in love...
with his wife...
well with me.
We've been pretty tight ever since that first faithful baby shower that I TRIED to help her host....
 I used to have a job that allowed me to be off during the summer
(what the heck was I thinking giving that up)?
A mutual friend of our's at the company was expecting and Rayna was heading up the office shower. Well, being the crafty busy body that I am, I called to RSVP and to tell her that I would be happy to help in anyway that she needed, I mean, after all. I was OFF work at the time and had the time to spare.

 Little did I know, number one, she thought I was pretty snooty calling up to say that I did not work. I believe her exact impression goes something like
( insert syrupy su-weet southern drawl)
"Hi....this is Melanie Marsh, Big D's wife? Um, yes, I was calling to say that I would be MORE than happy to help with the shower...I mean, I DON'T work, so I can do WHATEVER you need."
My recollection is a little less dramatic, something more along the lines of...."do you need anything, like ice or paper plates? I will have time to stop by on the way becasue I do not have to work that day"....Truthfully, it is probably a mix between our two recollections,but it is still so funny to hear her tell it to this day!

Number two, when it comes to a shower, this little lady needs the help of NO ONE! She had it under control like NOBODY's business. That shower was great of course, and so was the one that she threw for me when I got pregnant about 5 years later!

Anywho- we are buds.
And it all started with a baby shower.
So, when I realized it was Baby Shower Day at Kelly's Corner, I just KNEW that I had to link up to show some of her goodies, because RaynaLane has the MOST gorgeous, clever, resourceful, can be used again and again, and treasured FOREVER baby shower decoration!

 If you have been admiring all of the pictures in this link, then you are a RaynaLaneInc fan already!
She started out so most good things.
She made burlap table runners for her best friends' wedding reception. They were a hit...of course. I mean, you saw them, right? They are GORGEOUS!
Well, THE PEOPLE wanted more. Before she knew it, she was catering to bride's as well as individual's who wanted their own burlap runners for their homes.

 She started getting a little restless and has branched out!
She now makes, burlap banners and also TEAM table runners. Perfect for a tailgater like me! Anyway, I know I will be calling on her for the next baby shower I throw. Check out these adorable burlap banners! Welcome Baby,
Welcome ....whatever you decide you want them to say, she can do it.
Need a certain color scheme? She can do it.
Can you imagine how cute? After the shower, you could give it the lucky mommy to be and she could put it up in her hospital room! then she could put it up on the front porch! then it could LIVE in the baby's room!

I know...I tend to get a little over excited and use too too many exclamation points!!!!!!
But it is my RaynaLane and I am so stinking in love with all of her wonderful creations. I just wanted to share them with the world!
(she makes a mean taligating buddy, too! I mean, how many people do YOU know that have ALREADY saved you a place in line at the porta potti BEFORE you even arrive at a Jimmy Buffet concert when you are 7 months pregnant? Is that love, or what?)

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rayna said...

you melt my heart like butta!! and for the record, I am the lucky one!!! love you.