Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Just like that....he is 3.

I can hardly believe that much time has passed.
These goggles in the picture, he calls his goggle mask.
This little booger says things to me like:
Mommy- quit talking and concentrate on your car ( when I am driving)
Hey....I have an idea...(when he wants to distract me)
Mommy, I want to just stay home ( when it is time to go to school)
Let's go out on the NEW boat ( whenever he thinks about it)
CANNONBALL!!! (when he jumps into the lake or pool)

He tells Mrs. Kim when we are leaving that we are going to a restaurant ( which I am usually all for)
We squints his eye and says "ARGGGHHHH Matey" like the best pirate EVER
He RAAAAWRS big roars and says "I'm gonna eat you up!"
He likes to try for NO timeouts
He HATES the potty ( UH-OH)
He says
Mommy, I love you soooo much and my heart melts to the floor into a pile of mush

He is such a big sweet boy and I am so very proud of him.

We had a big week celebrating the 4th of July and then this little man's birthday at the lake. I have so much to show and so little time!
Be back soon!

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rayna said...

I freakin LOVE that picture!!