Tuesday, May 3, 2011

To Market To Market...

 I love to sew. I love to draw. I love to create. I love to personalize. I love to promote (marketing major)
 These little vendor aprons have been an outlet for a lot of my loves! On this one I got be creative in by designing and hand cutting a felt "logo" for this apron for a market trip. Deep pockets are a must if you plan to have a good day at market!
You can see how I "copied" the logo if you check out her shop- Pretty Little Things on Etsy.
 These little cuties are COMPLETELY reversible. SO, if decide you need to leave the "biz" behind for a while, you can flip and enjoy it for personal use!

 This one was designed for an awesome little shop on etsy called Artistic Icing.
 Her specifications were " I like this fabric" and "I like vintage". I got to go with it from there! Now that is my kind of commissioned piece- gets my creative juices flowing!
This time I decided to add flaps to the tops of the pockets. It seemed very vintage and useful for the market weekend too!
 I did a lot of decorative stitching too....just to add to the vintage feel.
Are you taking your shop on the road this summer? Need an apron to keep your earnings and a cute way represent your shop all rolled up into one custom made design?

Check it out!

Today I am sharing at Savvy Southern Style's WOW US WEDNESDAY!
If you want to see some really cool ideas- you should visit- see you there!

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