Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So Many Things...So little Time!

I have so many pictures and even some videos to share! While I am organizing all of this, I want to take a minute to record some of Jack's funny little things he is doing now. He makes us laugh so much! Even when it is really not funny. Things that I certain that I will tire of soon make me laugh now. Just like last night, I said, "Jack, come eat your dinner".  He said "mommy, just leave me alone"....just as serious and plain as can be! I was laughing while trying to tell him it was not OK to speak to me that way!

He is such a good boy- but man oh man does he ever need his sleep. The child usually takes a 2-3 hour nap, so on the days that we go on the boat and he is late to nap or sometimes even skips a nap, it gets kind of ugly. His first reaction to me trying to hold him or calm him in those moments is to hit me. I hate that. I know he would normally not do that except when he is beside himself with exhaustion. I feel like I should take some responsibility for putting him in the position to miss his nap, but at the same time I want to teach him that type of behaviour is unacceptable! What is a momma to do?

He has really figured out how to play solo. It makes it kind of nice so that I can get things done without causing too much drama because he is begging me to play while I desperately try to water the plants/ pulls weeds/check email, etc...Poor kid really would enjoy a sand box! This is some sand that Big D put in the grass to try to get the bermuda to spread over some thin spots. Jack LOVES it!

I marvel everyday at how big he seems! I know we still have a long way to go, but I see it going faster and faster and I just want to stop time! When we were out on the boat the other day, he looked up at our flag, and unprompted, he started saying the Pledge of Allegiance. It amazes me how we can teach him things that are meaningful to us as a family and he just takes it in and makes it a part of himself.
How much longer do you think he will say"momma I wanna hold you" when he is nervous in the water in the pool? How many more summers (or days) will there be that he will want to float in the lake in my lap? When will he no longer cleverly get me to stay in his room with him while he falls asleep by saying "mommy, sing to me"?

He gives kisses now. It was not too long ago, that he would offer up his plump cool little cheek when you asked for a kiss. Now he will actually kiss you. The kissing being more of a sucking between the teeth sound than an actual pucker, but to me it is priceless!

He sits at the table with no booster or now in a restaurant. He drinks from a cup with a straw and does it without spilling most of the time! Mrs Kim will be going on a long vacation in June. Two weeks we will be without her. I have a good bit of vacation time this year since I have been with my company for five years now. Even still, taking two weeks off all together in one quarter is not allowed.
Grandma and Grandpa to the rescue! We are so fortunate that they are happy to pick up and make the three hour drive just to be with our boy! I will be taking a couple of days, but they will be picking up the rest of the slack.

Jack adores his Grandma and Grandpa. Here they are together with Big D at a Lakeside restaurant last week when they popped over to spend the night with Jack while we went to see Jimmy Buffett! What a treat for us, but an even bigger treat for Jack. He loves it when they come over form Decatur. He says that. "They are coming over from Decatur and they are staying with us"! He gets so excited!
Well get excited Jack- just two short weeks and they will be back! WAHOO!

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