Friday, May 27, 2011


For 10 years now ( at least...maybe more- man I am getting old)
my husband and I have a tradition of ALWAYS going to the Jimmy Buffet concert with friends.

We usually try to get there early to tailgate and get in an island fram of mind;)
It is usually hot as heck. We usually have a little tent. This year we did not so we melted a little and passed around my trusty Auburn umbrella!

We like to consider ourselves pretty good Jimmy fans. I mean, we know all the regular songs like Margaritaville, Pirate Looks at Forty, and my personal favorite, Tin Cup Chalice.

This young lady in our group underestimated my speed and agility with a camera....cute belt, huh?

AH...that's better!

We are always up for a fun rendition of Fins....yeah, we play along.

But we also keep up with his newer Bama Breeze, A Lot to Drink About, and School Boy Heart.

There was one song that he played at the end, however, that somehow has COMPLETLY escaped my Jimmy Buffett collection.

It has sort of renewed my love for Jimmy.

Please feel free to take a listen...I threw in the You Tube link that I found for it.

I went with this video because the old days in Key West are some of our favorites of Jimmy. It has a pretty terrible ending, so if you can excuse that part....enjoy!
The song is called Nautical Wheelers and I cannot believe that I had NEVER heard it!
* I would also like to point out that the film is older than me- HA! not so old after all!

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