Tuesday, May 17, 2011

auburn mural revisited

I decided to link up to the linky party over at a diamond in the stuff today and I knew exactly what I wanted to SHINE! The Auburn Mural that I recently did is like my baby. I just want to WHOLE WORLD to see it!

So far the only picture that I have of the entire thing has a sketch taped to the wall.
I GOTTA get back over there and get better pictures!

Well until that happens....here are the pictures that I do have!

All of the items that are shown in the mural were selected by the client.

I just helped them figure out how to arrange it!

Love Aubie!

The clients even suggested the items to put on Aubie's paper!

And if you know anything about Auburn, AL, you know that no Auburn Mural would be complete with out Momma Goldberg's somewhere!
Is it lunchtime, yet?

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