Friday, April 29, 2011

Saint George Island

Kelly over at Kelly's Corner is doing a Show Us Your Life- Vacation Spots and I wanted to tell all about Saint George Island because it was the last place we went and it was the BEST most RELAXING place I have ever been! I was hesitant to tell the secret. It is called Florida's Forgotten Coast and I think that is what is so magical about it! It is not tourist-y and crowded- it reminds me of a good old fashioned family vacation!
It is so very family oriented. It is also dog friendly and that is HUGE to us! If we can take Sam and Lucy with us, it saves a lot of headaches- plus we couldn't wait to see what they would think of the beach!
Jack was gracious enough to haul all of our things to the beach each day in his trusty wagon! Saint George is so friendly and laid back, really you could leave your tents, umbrellas, your spot each day and just come back the next! No one would bother it. There were times when I actually felt like we were the onyl ones there!
The house that we stayed at called Coast Guard, was a few rows back from the beach and had its own awesome private pool. We loved it! It was so spacious, clean, and well equipped! That is very important at Saint George because you really spend a lot of time around the house. There are not a TON of places to go and eat. The best thing to do while you are there is enjoy the freshest seafood straight out of Apalachicola Bay. There are tons of trailers and trucks around that have fresh stuff right out of the ocean!
We went to a local spot while we were there and had the BEST oysters! It was called Eddy Teach's Raw Bar and I think it was mostly for locals. We LOVE to find spots like that becasue they usually have the BEST food! I think there is a new building, but when we were there, it was literally picnic tables on gravel. NOT very kid friendly, but we still really enjoyed it!
This picture of Jack is so pitiful! I had to include it though, because it expresses perfectly how I feel about the fact that we probably will not be going back this year! Not because we don't want to, but because we took the plunge and bought our dream boat and need to keep our little fanny's up here in Georgia out on the lake!
If you are planning to get away to the beach this year- I highly rcommend Saint George. It is a great place to really spend time with your family! I cannot wait until we get a chance to go again!


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trishandwade said...

Great review of St. George! My husband and I got married there, right on the beach in the State Park, and we go down to the island at least once a month. One of my favorite places EVER. Hope you make it back sometime soon!

Mama Bear said...

St. George is one of my favorite places!

*Kelly* said...

St. George looks amazing...thanks for sharing your secret.

Jack is very cute