Friday, April 22, 2011

Chaotic Organization- the method to my madness!

Kelly over at Kelly's Corner is doing Show Us Your Life- How Do You Stay Organized?
I really wanted to participate. I looked around me and realized. I just DON'T organize anymore. I cannot be alone in this, right? I mean, we are all busy these days, not enough hours to go around, right? No? Please don't tell me I am the only one who is an organizational mess!
Well, let's just have a spin around my sewing room- this is all I will be showing you. This is where all of the action is around my house and hubby keeps everything else NEAT AS A PIN!
But, this is about MY life and how I stay organized, so, shall we?
You can see above the adorable slipcovered arm chair, or can you?
I have piled tons of blank t-shirts on onsies on top- they are all in order by size- can't you tell?
This was my original spot for t-shirts and onsies- the chair is just overflow!

The machine.
I call her Bertha. She is my baby. She makes me look good. Notice the teetering tower of tiny little drawers topped of by an overstuffed box of threads which is then topped with a basket full of scissors, measuring tapes, seam rippers, and the like. You can't tell from the picture, but the thread box is actually so full that the top does not sit down on it all of the way. The way the basket sways to and fro is as exciting as a lively game of jenga!
The fact that it is full of scissors adds that tiny element of danger that keeps things spicy!

This is actually the most organized spot of the whole operation. In the top drawer, packaging ribbon, hole punch and business cards await orders to be filled so that I can wrap 'em up! The middle drawer is extra embroidery items such as thread, sulky spray adhesive, and all of Bertha's manuals. I refer to them often. She has so many features! I am constantly learning new things just by flipping through the manual. I LOVE IT! I cannot even begin to imagine what I might learn if I took a class.
Bottom drawer- buttons, elastics, bias tapes....notions if you will.

This is the old dishwashing tablet box that I store my hot glue gun and scraps of fabric that I plan to use for  flowers to make bows. It is my mobile hairbow making station.

This lovely pile is an extension of my haribow making station. Felt. Wonderful felt. I like to have lots of colors to cut into adorable little creatures for hair bows and even to use for appliques. It gives a wonderful texture!

Fabric Central. I think I need another room!

This is the lovely storage solution that I have arrived at for all of the cute ribbons just waiting to be threaded into a sweet little pillowcase dress!

This snazzy little felt basket holds my felt scraps- you just never know what you might use them for!

Fabric scraps are PERFECT for appliques. I figure the sweet basket that Jack gave me for Mother's Day last year is the perfect thing. I mean, I use it practically everyday and think how sweet it is with his little hand prints on it!

I usually do not care for such chaos in a work area, but when the end result can come out looking this sweet, I can get past the madness!

The End

To see more creations that are born in this workspace- check out my shop!

Any advice for this tired old mom's sewing room? Leave a comment- PLEASE!


*Jarah*Leah* said...

That's my kind of organizing!!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a etsy shop?? You are very talented.

Pickled Blu said...

thanks ginger- you are too sweet! I enjoyed poking around your blog- you are a very busy lady!

Healthy Branscoms said...

love your sewing area! :) So pretty! Erin

I am following your blog! :)

Sarah said...

It looks like your skills are working for you!! Can wait to browse your shop!!

Sadaf Trimarchi said...

Just had to comment re the t-shirt your son was wearing - "tree hugger." LOVED it!! Did you make that?? Wow, I wish I could that!


Let'sMakeADifference said...

Am blog hopping and found yours! Am a new follower. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back~