Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random Phone Pics and the Stories that Inspired Them!

Just when I thought I did not have pictures to share...boomama had to go and inspire me!
Of course I have pictures! These days, there are always those random pictures that you take on your phone and then what???
Why not email them to yourself and recall why you took them in the first place?
Like the picture above. It shows one of my favorite things of late.
Justin, our neighbor is 5 and can fit into Jack's Jeep unlike Dan or myself.
Unlike Jack, Justin can drive the Jeep! So, when Justin comes to play, I get to watch them ride in the Jeep instead of hunching over trying to steer while Jack puts it in high gear down our steep driveway!
And BONUS! Justin is SOOO good with Jack! He totally lets him drive most of the time and he tries to teach him to steer! Such a good egg!

Random phone picture of Jack eating noodles at his first hibachi Japanese dinner. It was pretty much a disaster and since I picked the place, Dan had fun railing me all night about it. I am still hearing about it actually. Jack was not in the best mood. We get in there, and they do not have milk. Okay, we will give him water. They have no cups with lids. Okay, I will hold the giant glass while he drinks. Jack was not cooperating. Okay, I will take him in the bathroom and spank him. But in the end, he was pretty impressed with the fire!

Too cute! I finally caved and bought a "blow up doll" for the yard!
It was such a hit with Jack, I had an easier time then I thought over-looking the deflated Santa in the yard during the daytime.

THIS is a surprise!
At the Frye's Superbowl party, Jack discovered Tucker's big car with doors and a hood that open.
When I saw this a Target the other day, I could not resist! This little 1967 Ford Shelby GT-500 came home with ME and it is gonna make a SUH-WEET Valentine's Day gift for my boy!
(I took the picture to send to Dan because I was so excited about my find)!

And this little picture....
well I think the picture says it all.

I love my boys!

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