Saturday, January 1, 2011

White Christmas 2010

In Alabama....on Christmas Day! Unbelievable!
I have been taking pictures in a much lower resolution on my camera to satisfy etsy's size requirements, and I forgot to take it off for a lot of my pictures, but here they are anyway!
I will let them speak for themselves! We definitely had ourselves a Merry Little Christmas!

My handsome man! Braving the wintry conditions to help Jack try out his new John Deere tractor!

Sweet cousin Emily...Jack has been asking about you and Cinnamon (Sidney).

Before the madness broke out!

Nana and Aleah and Susan and Sophie!

Dear Husband,
A baby girl looks good on you!

Family shot on a timer- didn't turn out so great, but oh well....

Waiting for Santa

My handsome boys. I am looking forward to a wonderful New Year with you!
You are my greatest gift!

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