Monday, January 31, 2011


Our Sweet Grace is 6 years old today!

Jack and I are SOOOO glad that we got to be in Alabama to celebrate with her!

And celebrate, we DID!

It was such a beautiful day! We got to have all of the festivities outside.
This party was fun for the kids and the adults!
KK and TC looking good for the camera!

Jack was the only little boy there, but he did a nice job of jumping right in with all of the little girls. I was very proud of him.

Anna is having fun with her "crown cookie"

The birthday girl in all her girlie, precious adorable glory!
I made the aprons for all the girls as favors. I made G's different since she was the birthday girl. On the day of the party, she lovingly laid the aprons all around the house for the girls to pick up when they arrived. She took special care to tell me thanks for making them all. She even said, "and thank you for making mine special, I can't believe you put all of the colors on mine"!

Faith is one of Grace's friends from dance class. She was party hopping on Saturday and arrived late, but had fun decorating her cookie, too!

I keep racking my brain and I cannot come up with any other ways that we could have possible pumped these children full of more sugar than to give them cookies, bags full of icing, beautiful vats of colored sugar, and star shaped and polka dot sugar sprinkles!

Lucky for KK and I ( the after party cleaning crew) it was a rare and beautiful January day so we were able to keep all the sugar outside AND let them run it all off in the warm sunshine!

Precious Lauren- Love her!

Check out this group! Aren't they just adorable?
Grace has a trampoline...that is why you see little toes out of their shoes in, it was a blistering 65 degrees outside, so why not?

Cake time..because, you know, the cookies just did not cut it in the sugar department. I mean, COME. ON. This is a birthday party people!

Sweet Anna- she is such a great little helper.
KK and Anna's mom, Brandi, have been running around together ever since I can remember!
One of the cool perks that I miss about not being in my hometown. My kids playing with people's kids that I have known since I was a kid, you know?

Cute little Emily is a new friend and from what I could see, she is a little firecracker!

Speaking of old friends and still being together...these lovely ladies have been buds since they were Grace's age. Jenny and Candi both grew up in me and KK's hood.

More new friends and CUTIES! Emma and Ava and their sweet mom, Rebekah.

Brandi patiently keeping up with the jumpers on the trampoline.
BTW, I love this trampoline. It is itty bitty. Only about 3 feet off the ground. It is perfect for all of the little ones!

Starting to

Aprons were made to work hard. I think this one had enough in one day to last a life time!
Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet niece! I love you to PIECES and I cannot wait to see you again! Thank you for being sweet little spunky you!

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