Friday, November 12, 2010

Established 2003

A friend asked for a "couples first christmas" ornament...and it got me to thinking about cute ways to do that outside of the traditional"So and So's first Christmas".
I think saying that your family was "established" is a cute way to recognize that a family has similarities to a business. It is also a cool way to show that you joined together at a specific time that is "your beginning". A family is something that has a lot of moving parts that need to be working towards a common goal; much like a business. There are lots of ways that Dan and I have worked together like a business since "our beginning". We have our own special skill sets that we try to apply to our daily routine. Put it all together and we have a lean, mean, Marsh machine that can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan (or at least freeze it until we have time to fry it...or broil it...frying can be so messy) OK, so it is not always so straight forward, but we have found a partnership that works for us.
I do the cooking, he does the laundry.
I do the social calendar, holiday cards, halloween costumes, am the family scribe, and various randoms of that nature...
He does the yardwork, the car maintenence, boat maintenence, the garbage, and various randoms of similar nature applicable to his skills....
We are pretty darn good at divying up the baby responsibilities...
I ususally only end up on the short end of that stick if Dan is working late!

Sure you can find parallels between family and business, but being a family has many more fringe benefits. There is so much more to a family than the daily grind. Family is a state of mind. I think it "feels" different for everyone. For me, family means peace, contentment, unconditional love, and security. I am so thankful for the 7+ wonderful years that Dan and I have spent together! There is no denying Jack is our proudest accomplishment as partners to date.
I am confident that we will continue to work towards a common goal of having a loving household where we can create many happy memories together!
So how bout you? When was your family "established" and what is family to you?

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