Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Picture 2009, Take 369,223

Today was such a beautiful day!

I decided to take a break from cleaning out our closets and try to get some shots for the old Christmas card!

We tried one with the dogs....

Lucy was not really game for getting pinched today

Oh well- we tried. Sam got away while the getting was good

Poor Jack- he really does not understand why they run from him!

We did get a few shots

I will probably try again another day

But if I do not get a chance, I think I will be able to find one for the Christmas card out of the 300 or so shots I took today!

Jack has been REALLY sick
( see the passy in his pant leg...)

Kim called on Tuesday to say he would not eat and he was really fussy
( Dan getting the passy out and sighing and carrying on about what a poor parent I am)

I went to pick him up and after his nap that afternoon, he had fever so I took him to the doctor
( Dan: "See this...did you MEAN for this to be in the picture?")

The doctor said sore throat, maybe drainage, maybe is some amoxicillan
( Please excuse Lucy...when you gotta go, you gotta go)

The next night, he would not even swallow his milk, much less his food. Dan and I took him to Children's at Scottish Rite

Hand Foot Mouth Disease they said ( I had never heard of it)

The blisters in his throat had gotten so bad they gave him Lortab to get himn to drink and eat

Life continued to be rough for the next few days and I stayed home from work with him because he was very contagious ( and needed his mommy)

It was tough...he wouldn't nap, didn't really want to eat, but now that he is doing better, I am so glad that I got a little extra time with him. He is changing so much so fast. He is learning so much so fast. He has already switched his Ma- Ma` with the Italian accent to an occasional mommy. He blows kisses, says dada when he hears the garage door open, and today he FINALLY backed down the stairs in our house. He has been crawling up them for some time, but finally figured out how to do it backwards today!
Now I gotta get ready to go back to work. It has been almost a week that I have been out- feels like a MONTH!

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