Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jack is One!

The big party is not until this weekend, but we let him open our gifts on his very special day!

We had a fabulous cupcake party at Mrs. Kim's with his class

We pre-partied the day before his birthday by pulling up and banging on the trash can

The weekend before his birthday, we ate this on the 4th

We had nanny in town for a few days for much needed help and company

And the weekend before that, Jack hung out a little with Rayna at Van and Jim's basement grand opening party!
The past few weeks have been very hectic, but not to hectic for Dan and I to look back in absolute awe of the past year. Having Jack in our lives has been such a miracle to us both. It is so amazing to have this little guy be a part of our world every day. It sounds so cliche, but the truth is, it is hard to imagine our life before him. It seems like he has always been a part of us. He is so precious to us both. He is such a good and happy baby and we count our lucky stars every day for that. He is so soft, sweet, and snuggly. I love his curious nature and laid back temperament. His bubbly giggles melt away all the days troubles. I will always hold this first year of his sweet life close to my heart.


Mom of One for Now said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!! You are a special boy with a special Mommy! (and a great Dad too!) We love the Marsh family!
Have a great Party this weekend! Look forward to seeing the pictures.

Rayna said...

Happy Birthday Dear Sweet Jack! It seems like yesterday I was calling your dad every 5 minutes asking if you were here yet. Happy Birthday Lil Blu, we are honored to love you!
Love Love Love Rayna and Randy