Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our Heros!

Jack hanging out with his Grandma and Grandpa

He sure loves them!

They have been to babysit many times, now!

Seems like whenever we have the slightest little wrinkle, they are there to swoop in and make things just a little bit easier. Even if it is as simple as being in town to keep our precious boy while we go out and enjoy ourselves. Sure, we could get a ton of people around here to keep Jack for an evening. But really? It is SOOO nice to come straight home to a baby who is already sleeping soundly in his very own bed. And BONUS....get to sleep in while grandma takes the morning shift!
Or sometimes they help with things that are A LOT more complicated. Specifically keeping our boy Sam while he recovers from his amputation. I miss my dog and wish that I could see him and nurse him back to health myself. I know it is best for Sam to be where he can be cared for throughout the day while I am at work. I couldn't be more grateful that John and Joanne have selflessly volunteered to be there for our Sam when we can't.
We are so grateful for the help we get from them. Whew...whenever I think I am tired and ready for a break, I remember how I would feel if I did not get the breaks they give us.

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