Friday, March 6, 2009

Such a special day

Today was such a BEAUTIFUL day. Spring is definitely on the horizon.
One of the best things of today was that my sister was in town for the Britney Spears concert with her friend Jenny. I had to work, but they came to my office and then we all went to lunch. It was GREAT on so many different levels. The first being , of course, that I love to see my sister any ole time...but the second was that it was a weekday that I was working, but I STILL got to sit down to a meal with her! The third was more just for me because I NEVER eat out for lunch anymore. We went to Marietta Diner. Need I say more? YUM!
When I went to pick Jack up at school, he was outside swinging in the baby swing. So special! It was my first time to pick my child up when he was "on the playground at school".
It was such a beautiful day that I decided to take Jack for a walk in the neighborhood when we got home. The weather was perfect and he LOVED it! ( me, not so much, but I needed it and it was good for us both...have I mentioned that our neighborhood is mountainous?")
By the time we got in, we were both pretty worn out and it was time for Jack to eat. He ate good! He does a great job eating his cereal and fruit. And just so I never forget, because I have a feeling there might be many more moments such as this to come, I will document the later half of this meal. He started getting a little fussy towards the end of the meal and the next thing I knew, he tooted. I mean, not just tooted, but ripped a BIG ONE. Like a big boy! It was so funny. And the funniest part, was right after, he looked at me and laughed. Such a special time!

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Kelly Brown said...

It was so good to see you too! I can't wait to come visit again and bring G to see Jack :)