Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Card Picture- TAKE TWENTY TWO!

The first christmas card that we will send out with a picture of our beloved baby boy! The first of many, for sure, but still the first! THE PRESSURE! Being in a thrifty mood lately, I decided to forgo the opportunity to use the FABULOUS professional pics we had made (yes, some even had the little man in a santa hat) and take some pics myself and put them together at "the dub-ya". (That is "marsh speak" for Walmart, stolen from our dear friend Nikki, but that is another story). It is hard to take pictures of a 5 month old that is just starting to smile on que. It is the sweetest smile I have ever seen so of course I wanted to share it with the world! Well, our little world of lucky peeps who will be receiving said card. So anyway, we started out very ambitious thinking we could get a smile, the tree, AND two dogs all in one snap. Then we realaxed a little a snapped a shot with only one dog, then we started with some of just Blu. I think it got worse before it got better. I actually proceeded to take a few shots after each nap the following day, since that is usually when he is the "smiliest". It finally worked! You will get the final choice soon on your christmas card!
Please enjoy some of the runner's up ( and not so runner's up)!

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