Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The children were nestled all stinky in their pajamas

So christmas with a new baby was a blast! A tiring, whirlwind, circus of a blast! I always love gathering with my family on Christmas Eve. It has always been a special part of the Christmas celebration. We always gathered at Nana's house on Christmas Eve and exchanged gifts. I can remember that anxious excitement when the announcement would come...."better get ready to go home- Santa is getting close"!

These days we gather at mom and memaw's house. What fun we had with two little ones this year! Memaw got matching pajamas for Jack and Grace. Of course we immediately changed them for pictures of babes nestled under the christmas tree. Oh if it were only as easy said as done! No sooner than we had them sitting JUST right, did Grace announce, Ooooh- he stinks! (Bless his poor little heart...the antibiaotics he was taking for bronchilitis and double ear infection made even his wet diapers smelly!) Once the offensive diaper was replaced with a fresh one, we repositioned the the two Christmas pajama clad babes just so! Then Grace had to go potty. My first reaction, was "no- just hold it", which I was scolded for( and rightfully so). We finally got a couple of cute ones. I think my favorite is the "he stinks" announcement. Only because I know what she was saying and it was such a funny moment! Memories with family are always nice. Stinky or not!

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tami stanford said...

WE miss you guys!! Jack is so cute. I am so glad ya'll had a good Christmas!!