Tuesday, November 25, 2008


There are many things about living in the Atlanta metro area that I am not fond of. The biggest issue I have is TRAFFIC! It is not natural for a 13 mile trip to work to be an hour commute! It is what it is, however, so I must find it within myself to overcome this tragedy. After all...I am not the only one that is in the morning and afternoon mess...there are countless others out there in the same boat that I am in...we are in it together.
Yeah right! In my dreams...it is every man for himself out there. That is where my patience ends and my road rage begins! I guess I just don't undersand why others are entitled skip ahead in the merge line instead of waiting in line like the rest of us! I mean, I am sure they are not the only one late for childcare pickup/ dinner/ soccer practice / yoga / work / whatever the emergency of the day might be! I mean, the only person that should have the right to jump the line is a woman in labor! OK guys...that means you are not excused for jumping in front of me unless you are some kind of miracle child that is about to be the first man to give birth!
The other thing that just flies all over me is when people make illegal lane changes. You know,when you just change lanes without using your signal. What? You mean you didn't realize that was the reason that car makers put turn signals in their vehicles? Yes ladies and gentlmen, it is for our safety. The turn signal is a highly technical means of SIGNALING to others around you that you intend to change your course. If you are out there jumping around lane to lane, trying to find the fastest way, and you are not using your turn signal, Shame on you! You are just showing the world how very inconsiderate you are to the safety of others and the law!
But please, don't change your ways because of me. Karma always wins. I am sure to see you again as I pass you a few miles down the road. Drive safely: )

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